Giving Back

We’re looking to bring good food, good service and most importantly a solid contribution to our community.

Focus on accessible goods and pricing, sustainable practices, sourcing and feeding our community literally and figuratively.

How? Here's our pillars!

1) Each order gives! Donating up to 100% of order profits to some causes for special events and 10% on a standard day. Each order will also give you our best. If for some reason our best doesn't cut it, let us know and we'll make it right! 

2) Each order protects! Where ever possible your order will be packaged in compostable packaging/ink.

3) Each order is more accessible! We try to keep our price points to a minimum. Whatever the situation, everyone needs a quality source for low-priced delivery food. 

4) We order more often! Yes, we cut shelf life of our items by 20% in order to pull it and share it with the community while it's still fresh! Bringing treats and hopefully a smile to anyone who need it from all walks of life.